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  • About Heyward Howkins

    “Candor” marks the pervasive theme on Be Frank, Furness—the swift successor to last year’s acclaimed The Hale & Hearty LP. This go-round Heyward has captured an even more honest and relaxed vibe with the help of co-producer Ben Riesman (Le Fits, Bart Davenport) and mixing engineer Quentin Stoltzfus (Mazarin/Light Heat, The Walkmen, Lilys, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah).

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    Wild Honey Pie Feature
    No comments | by Heyward Howkins | posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012
    Praline Country-Live Session Featuring New Song!
    No comments | by Heyward Howkins | posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012
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The follow-up LP, Be Frank Furness is now available on beautiful 12-inch vinyl over at Bandcamp.

New songs, new record in the works…

Free downloads of new songs from the Kettle Pot Tracks live session are now posted on soundcloud. Come get em.

The debut LP, The Hale & Hearty is officially out there! On Itunes, Amazon, CDbaby, and Bandcamp.